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> Snare Server Version 7 now available.

>Enterprise Agents are available providing additional capabilities including log caching, encryption and message simulcasting.

>For more indepth information on Snare, please visit our primary website at


"Who did what, when, where and why?"

Centralized Log Management and Analysis is essential to assuring the integrity of critical logs, achieving compliance with the growing list of regulations, and internal security requirements.

The process of transmitting log files across public or even private networks can work against these objectives. The ability to perform these tasks in the past have been complicated, costly and time consuming, until now.

The SNARE System is a Security Information Event Management tool which is comprised of two components - SNARE agents and the SNARE Server. The system, which is developed by Intersect Alliance, is one of the most comprehensive tools, providing real time data collection, monitoring console, data filtering and event aggregation at the source through the use of the SNARE agents.

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